I’m done with giving the benefit of the doubt. I’m through with assuming people are acting in good faith. I’m finished with being tolerant.

Politically speaking, I mean.

2020 in particular (and the last 4 years in general) has put a strain on both civil political discourse and adherence to the founding principles of this country. Neither side of the isle is without blame, but the impact and influence that President Trump has had on basic political norms is almost impossible to underestimate. He, along with the people who cultishly support him, has pushed the constitutional limits of the Presidency…

The 2020 election is putting some Republican voters in the difficult position of choosing between their conservative values and their uneasy feelings about voting for the re-election of Donald Trump. For a significant number of these conservative voters, Trump’s personal conduct, his abrasive tone, his self-glorifying approach to politics, his struggle to tell the truth on a regular basis, and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic are reasons they would prefer to vote for someone else. …

Princeton History Professor Kevin Kruse has been laying down some historical whippings in the past few weeks and months. He has developed quite a following by methodically debunking many of the conspiracy theories offered by prominent right-wing commentators like Dinesh D’souza, Charlie Kirk and the folks at Prager U. And he does this all…on Twitter. They really are must- read threads for anyone who actually studies, you know, real history.

I teach history and political economics at an international school in France. During a lesson on American politics, a few of my students alerted me to a thread where Kruse…

For more than three years pundits and citizens alike have been trying to understand why President Trump spends so much time saying things that are not true; why he makes it an almost daily habit to say (or Tweet) information that is simply false. More and more, the answer seems pretty obvious: he is playing to his base supporters and he thinks those supporters are stupid.

Let me explain.

It’s hardly news that President Trump has a complicated relationship with the truth. Whether its misinformation about crowd sizes, exaggerations about his accomplishments, or flat-out lies about his own actions, Trump…

American Political Science Association 2018 Teaching and Learning Conference


Workshop Leader: C. Jonathan Scriven, PhD: Head of Humanities and Professor of History and Political Economy at the Centre International de Valbonne in Valbonne, France.

Purpose: This workshop introduces teachers and professors at all academic levels to a series of strategies designed to create meaningful student debates in classrooms of all sizes. Modeled after the current debate rules at the United Nations, the methods use role-playing and collaboration as the guiding principles behind…

C. Jonathan Scriven

Associate Director, Honors College; Director, Center for Global Programs @ThisIsWAU. Political Studies faculty. Love sports, politics, and coffee. @cjscriven

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